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Dekton countertops are manufactured with nature as inspiration, and with life in mind.

Dekton is a sophisticated blend of raw materials used to produce a resin-free, ultra-compact, engineered stone that is non-porous, resilient, easy to care for, and beautifully weathers whatever life throws at it.

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Dekton Nilium
Dekton Nilium
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Dekton Aged Timber
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Aged Timber
Dekton Bedrock
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Dekton Blanc Concrete
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Blanc Concrete
Dekton Keranium
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Dekton Liquid Embers
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Liquid Embers
Dekton Liquid Shell
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Liquid Shell
Dekton Liquid Sky
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Liquid Sky
Dekton Natura18
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Dekton Sand Drift
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Sand Drift
Dekton Sirocco
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Dekton Spectra
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Dekton Splendor
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Dekton Sterling
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Dekton Trilium
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